The Temporary City
Installation, 2019
Icw Maloe Brinkman, under the name of ZeroDotZero
Exhibited at The Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven

Keys, smartphone, and a coffee to-go. As a global citizen you are drifting (dérive) through The Temporary City. Currently your apartment is rented out to an AirBnB guest for the next three days because you are attending a conference in Shanghai. Before you head to the airport with Uber, you meet a client in a café for a potential new project. More coffee and brainstorm sessions later you are startled by a notification on your phone. It tells you that your flight is boarding soon from Gate 12. You pay your drinks with Apple Pay. You tell the client to continue the session later through Skype. You have your laptop with you so you can work on the go. The Temporary City reveals how the phenomenon of temporariness affects our everyday lives within the city. 

The Dutch Design Week and our role as participants within this temporary event is the starting point for our project. Technology results in ongoing information streams — the accessibility of global travel makes the world a place continuously transforming and in motion. Our surroundings are now identified through spaces of transience rather than permanence. The city generates temporary multi-functional spaces, where the border between different activities and the private and public sphere becomes a grey-zone.

This fits perfectly with the current needs of the global citizen: Know everything, be everywhere, next stop, on the go …